Kamoda Prosad Saha who performed second autopsy of Comilla college student Sohagi Jahan Tonu has been allegedly threatened with death. The threat was delivered in an anonymous letter on Tuesday in Bangladesh.

Dr. Kamoda Prosad Saha, head of Comilla Medical College Hospital’s forensic department who headed Tonu’s second autopsy. Two months have passed and an autopsy report that found “no conclusive reason” for murder since Tonu’s murder. Dr Prosad had said they were waiting for DNA reports to reach a conclusion.

Around 10 a.m, Dr Prosad found this two-page later in his office room. The letter asked the doctor to prepare Tonu’s autopsy report “as they prescribed”, Dr. Prosad said. “Or else, they threatened to end me and my family.”

Dr. Prosad has done a general diary with Comilla Kotwali Police Station in this regard seeking his and his family’s security.

On 20 March Tonu had left the house of her student around 7:30pm on Sunday. Her body was found two hours later.