Faṭimah was the daughter of Khadijah and Khadijah was the first wife of Muhammad. Ali was the husband of Fatimah. At the same time, Ali was the cousin of Muhammad. In fact, Ali married his cousin’s daughter. After the death of Muhammad who took the responsibility of protecting Islam were called Caliphs. Ali was one of them and he was the fourth and final of the Caliph. The first Caliph of Islam was Abu Bakr and he was the father of Muhammad’s youngest wife, Aisha.Immediately after Muhammad’s death in 632, there was a conflict among the Muslims to select a Caliph to rule Muslims, as Muhammad did not instruct and fix who would be the Caliph after his death. The husband of Fatima, Ali, was one of them who claimed to be a Caliph. On the other hand, Uthman, who was the husband of two daughters of Muhammad, Ruqayyah and Umm Kulthum, also demanded to be caliph.

The situation worsened, became complicated and reached its climax with Muhammad’s death, disparity broke out over who would be new Caliph and run the state affairs of Muslims. At that time, Umar declared that Abu Bakr would be the first Caliph of Islam. But this declaration was strongly opposed by many, especially prophet’s youngest daughter Fatima and her husband Ali. Actually, this opposition and lust for power and Caliphate later broke Islam into two major denominations; Shia and Sunni. The supporters of Ali are called Shias.

The father of Prophet’s youngest wife Aisha, Abu Bakr, being the first Caliph of Islam, ordered to arrest Fatima and her husband Ali. Ali fled somehow to escape the arrest, but his wife Fatima was wounded and died. Dear readers, I want to catch your attention that such type of incidents happened; division, lust for power, conspiracy and anarchy were visible among the Muslims within the death Muhammad’s one year. Then see, from the beginning, the Muslims were playing the games of war and conspiracy and practicing among themselves!

Among the first four Caliphs of Islam, three were killed by assassins because of the conflict among the different denominations of Muslims. Caliph Umar, Uthman and Ali were assassinated. Muawiyah was one of the dearest and trusted persons of Muhammad, he was a Muslim, as well as one of the competitors to claim Caliphate. The name of his son was Yazid. He had a lust to be Caliph. To fulfil his desire and lust, he did not hesitate to kill all the successors of Muhammad, including Imam Hasan and Husain, the two dearest son in law of Muhammad.

The reason of my concern and remembering the unspoken tragic history and harsh reality of Islam in current situation is that who think that if the Islamic rule is established in Bangladesh, there will be peace and happiness. I think who believe that are living in the fool’s paradise. From the beginning of Islam, one Islamic denomination did not like another denomination which is still prevalent everywhere in the Muslim world. For this reason, today, we are seeing in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Syria, bombs are being blasted into Sunni Masques by Wahhabi Muslims.

Bangladesh is not far away from such kind of attacks, bomb blasting and anarchy. There are different types Islamic militants in Bangladesh. They are collecting and forming ‘Sleeper Cell”. So at the time preparation for doing a massive attack in secrecy, bombs are not blasting now. But, in near future, one group of Islamic militant and fanatic will try to prove their power applying massive attack on other fellow militant group. My dear beloved unfortunate motherland we are eagerly waiting to see.


Chintito Saikat