The concept of prudish Islam practicing has become a dominant issue in Bangladesh, which has been leading the entire community to be taciturn. The commencement of it starts from the family territory since childhood and continues till to one’s death. Evidently such misconception regarding human philosophy throughout the life, a Bangladeshi is indeed losing his Identity either as a Human or a Muslim.

I consider myself a lifetime learner and within this the shortest possible life span, I came to find the religion Islam is more logical than one would address it as of only trust: a mixed path of offering fear and love judging the circumstances, where the fear ties to the extreme respect and love of course. Alas, the inheritance of broader explanation of fear has always remained in dark phase, directed by the selfish religious leaders. The imam of each mosque still today, always glues his speech with fear in each step rather offering the encouragement on doing the good deeds (besides spreading the misconceptions many times of course).

It could be due to ignorance of some personnel but mostly is due to their hypocrisy, because they want them to be worshiped like the extreme superiors and maintain all ill social businesses utilizing the belief of a normal human being. Such spreading of ideology can only create a blind follower, not the massive enlighten people from the beautiful religious offerings. If one ask an angry child with politeness to be calm with his/her biking in the main street, he would rarely understand the consequences of riding along massive vehicles, beyond his eligibility, as he would dream to be racer with other adult driver. The kid would certainly be needed to be scolded/monitored from taking part to such forbidden event, for his/her own safety. It will certainly be unnecessary for an adult newbie. Islam has never been different from this understandings.

A blind follower come to belief that the verse narrated by his/her leader is being always true and it is indeed the first deviational step of thyself identity for being a Human or Muslim. The Prophet Mohammad (S:) himself stated with his last verses to follow the Quran and his life-being (Hadith) as the first and the last reference only for being a true Muslim. Other references can only be treated as complementary notes. As a sensible person, it should always be expected that he/she would investigate the truth in the light of Quran and Hadith than running behind the crow without any checking, only listening by his/her hypocrite leaders, that the ear has taken away.

Let me give an example, I heard from one of my friends one day that ‘A non-Muslim can’t be a friend of a Muslim’. He referred, “O believers! Take neither Jews nor Christians as your protecting friends (auliya): they are only protecting friends of one another. Whoever of you disobeys this commandment will be counted as one of them. Surely God does not guide the wrongdoers.” (Qur’an; 5:51). If one has passed through the google of this verse only from Quran already, he would certainly believe, the verse mentioned there is true. Actually, it is certainly a misconception narrated by his spiritual guru and to overcome the misjudgment, one has to go through reading the beyond. If one continues the reading of same chapter of Quran a little further, one should witness, “O believers! Do not make your protecting friends those, from among the people who were given the Book before you and the unbelievers, who have made your religion a mockery or pastime, fear God if you are true believers. When you call for Salah (prayers) they make it as an object of mockery and pastime; this is because they are a people devoid of understanding.” (Qur’an; 5:57-58). The truth of the matter is that the context of the verse clearly suggests that the people referred to were a particular group of Jews and Christians, not the entire community. There one would find many examples like this where a religious businessman of the society are taking the liberty today to misguide his/her blind followers. The recent blogger killing is nothing but a heinous act, which is being justified as the right phenomenon in the presence of societal silence among significant young voices, is certainly leading Bangladesh into an awkward trend.

This successor of the evil force of the society are being funded internationally in continuous fashion since the independence, especially by the mighty Arabs and the defeated force of 1971. These so called spiritual giants, grown a significant number within Bangladesh community, make their believers such a way that they are the only righteous all the time. One of the worst example was, the massive demonstration by children and women for proving the innocence of the worst war criminal Saidi, who had also even rumored as seen in the moon [The Economist, March 9, 2013] after the declaration of the verdict of his hanging. Interestingly, one of their chief successor of today, Allama Shafi pronounces these women as a whole, a thing nothing but sour tamarind, who should be married by 10 years old. Alas, the followers would have had a basic knowledge to understand these stupidity. Apparently, the unrest consequences within Bangladesh still exist today, proves that lacking of scientific advancements and the success of the evil force. These are vividly the success of evil-force’s illicit vision, keeping the fear and dominance alive among mass people of the society, to rule them unconditionally. I also wonder, who claims about the mass odds of blogging today, if they have ever had spent a significant time reading them personally. The most of the personnel, as blogger, stood against the odd and hypocrisy of the ongoing societal issues with logics and evidences. Finding the justification of such recent killing of bloggers would be nothing but seconding the rise of ill disease and rotten scientific souls. However, Religion can’t be such cheap entity to be assessed by one’s perception. Rather to me, criticism offers a platform the religion to be augmentative and logically proven. If those bunch of criminals would be really righteous, they would come with pen, not with the sword!

It has been nothing to be wondered for the incident of extremism, which has initialed since the birth of Bangladesh. The assassination of Bangabondhu Sheikh Mujibar Rahman at August 15, 1975, the heinous killing incident of the entire family in a single night, had opened the broader platform to flourish the evil-power over the last 45 years. These octopus of the society has now become so massive that they have even been succeed producing the suicide bombers [Wiki: 2005 Bangladesh Bombers] in the soil of my beloved Bangladesh. Most of the participants of that act were ill-educated poor orphans in Madhrasa (the religious institution), who were made into belief of sacrificing their lives for a noble cause, a direct path to heaven. The victims were evidently of their own race mostly, Muslim of course. If it is still not be told as religious business, the word hypocrisy needs to be redefined.

The other dark sight also remains within the current political government, who claims themselves as the power of independence. They remain still silent on taking any hard action for blogger killing, to be in the power without raising massive complicacy. Even they are pushing many bloggers to leave the country within the soonest possible time but not assuring any protection against these evil forces, is certainly the leading the country into the darkest savage regime.

The main pillar of living harmony, called secularism, has been profound many where in Bangladesh constitution but the real meaning of it is being questioned. Such grown savage attacking to the recent minority community of different religious beliefs and races. One shouldn’t forget ever, the mightiness in number comes with the mighty responsibility of setting good examples, not making the worst usage of it. However, it can’t be the end!

The more than 65 percent youth of overall population today, who made the greater movement for the justice against these war criminals unitedly in 2013 [CNN: March 7, 2013], shall show the courage again to enlighten themselves, by reading the roots of these fallacy against bloggers and be aggregate against those evil forces. Among those the deepest shocks of rising extremism, one would probably claim, it is utter impossible now to change. I am rather affirming, You are wrong! Cause, the word impossible itself says, ‘I-m-possible’! Tomorrow has deemed perhaps but there is yet long to be forgotten. Being one of those youngsters, I can see still the shiny days of tomorrow and it will be made soon.

D M S SultanThis article was written by D M S Sultan
PhD Research Fellow at University of Trento and Contract Employee at Assistance A/S – Group Qualification Candidate, CERN, Switzerland