Certainly last week middle of a night I dropped tears for thinking about my unusual desire. I am 27 year old women who have a loving boyfriend and a very dreamy life. However why I felt a strong love for a man who I even don’t know personally? It was two month before, I saw him in a movie , I swear everything around me slowed down and I knew. For the fast moment when I experienced I have a strong addiction for him I even didn’t believe that. I thought it was just an illusion of my drowsy mind. I wished Next morning it would just be vanished like my previous delusion. But it never happened. I couldn’t help falling in love, I falling in love deep to deeper and deeper with him. It was magical. I sensed the sky never been so blue, the trees never looked so green, the flowers never were so beautiful. From that day I started watching his movies, dramas, videos and pictures, which were available in Internet. All day all night I dreamed about him, I felt he was looking at me and smiling all the time .I sensed his smell; his breath and I’d fall asleep in his arms, with the sound of his heartbeat where it helped to bring out the charms of true emotion. It was like a lyrically poetic moment.

He is same age as me, perhaps one year older then me, live in south Korea. A very famous singer and a terrific actor name… Sorry I don’t want to mention his name. I feel shy and don’t want to show me as his crazy fan or just an unwise lady who love him blindly. My feelings are so precious and it never come out as twopenny shows up.   I am very friendly with my boyfriend. We never keep any secret in between us. So I revealed my secret and told him how I fell in love with that man. My boyfriend was not surprised at all because somehow he understood that boy whom I love he is a celebrity also live so far from me. Almost for sure I will never be able to be his girl. So my boyfriend laughed and said , ”you pretty crazy lady, you want to love him it’s ok but don’t hurt yourself ” 

I know my boyfriend is the perfect swain for me. He loves me more then anyone of my life and I love him too. But the cruel truth; he is not only one that I ever loved. I really felt sorry for him. The reason why I penned my secret love story it’s because I recognized fall in love is the most beautiful sentiment of life. Hope someone will realize after reading my story that there is no age limit or any barrier to falling in love. When love comes it doesn’t care about anything. It just happened. I have been dreaming my long waiting will melt one day and it’s all comes true like a fairytale.