It has come to my knowledge that someone treats and disturb my co-workers and guest authors on For that reason I want to make the following statement. is a fully legitim Internet site, we dont follow only the Swedish law, but also the DMCA. Our journalists and guest authors are free thinking and creative people who express their views in Sweden (and I am very proud of them) – a country with freedom of speech since 1766. Of course, we know who spread this evil rumors about us. We have name and addresses and personal id’s of those living in Sweden.

Let Me state this: what you are doing is intellectual terrorism, you try to bring the laws of your country to Sweden – but whatever you try, Sweden will never surrender to your laws. Sweden is not Saudi Arabia. We have something who calls freedom-of-speech (1766) and freedom of religion since 1860. We dont need to have any permission to express ourself. My journalists are doing their work just like I order them to do.

Its not that I hate muslims or something. I welcome a muslim guest author who have something intelligent to write, but so far they have come with different kinds of extremist ideas. But everybody is welcome to be guest author on norrfika, as long they are balanced and intelligent.

There have been some accusations from some specific individuals that is illegal. And from now on, I, like the founder, owner and chief-editor – will take action to whomever who treats my journalists and authors.

Back of my people saifur, let them be in peace. If you have problem, talk with me. I am not that easy to scare.
Don’t shame yourself and your country by being a Punch puppet.

Tommy Olovsson

Image by: Theodor Lundberg