Now the time has come to redefine the definition of clash of the civilization. In brief to say clash of the civilization is mainly the clash among the religions. The whole mankind of the world is at the edge of destruction for the cause intolerable religious ideology. Religion divides our daily life from drinking water to funeral. Our festival to food habit, social greetings to dress code is greatly affected and infected by the contagious virus of religion. The scenario of Bangladesh is getting worsen day by day like cancerous disease. It creates deleterious separation among human being because of the environment teaches to hate the other who is not from the same religion. From the very beginning of childhood a growing baby learns to love god and pray him in disguise of hate other from different religious background. The short of coming god lies here. God himself is not impartial to mankind. He loves only his followers. Now let’s investigate the problem of choosing the right God. Multiple religions exist throughout the world, and the messages of most are at odds with each other. Among the largest religions (Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism and many other), it’s clear that worshiping the right god in the appropriate way is crucial to find ultimate salvation. To enter into Heaven for an example, as a Christian, you must be “saved” by believing in Jesus as your savior.

It also means that if you believe in the wrong god, you can still end up in Hell—no matter how much you follow the tenets of your chosen religion perfectly. For example, if the Jude-Christian God was real and the Bible accurate, every Buddhist, Hindu, Baha’i, Jain would go to Hell, regardless of how devoutly they believed their own religion. The Bible says: “He will punish those who do not know God and do not obey the gospel of our Lord Jesus. They will be punished with everlasting destruction and shut out from the presence of the Lord and from the glory of his might”. This may include Jews and Christians but not members of non-Abrahamic religions and people with no religious affiliation. Remember, also, that not every religion supports the idea of Heaven and Hell. If I fail to reach a real god, surely a everlasting conflagration is awaiting for me.

Now my question who is the real God? When an atheist asks these questions then religious indoctrinate starts to find every nook and corner to hack him with machete.

Politics fuels this social institution only to exploit human being to earn more profit from the afterlife business.