Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) have offered 2 to 3 lakh BDT for each of the 6 terrorists accused for the murder of Blogger, writer and publisher in Bangladesh. Along with the reward announcements the photos of alleged murders were also published in the website of DMP. Among these 6 terrorists 2 are wanted for 5 to 10 lakh BDT. These 2 are Shariful AKA (as known as) Sharif, Saleh, Arif, Hadi-1 and Salim AKA Iqbal, Mamun, Hadi-2. And the rests of the terrorists are Imran AKA, Samad, Sujan, Raju, Salman,Shihab, Suman, Saidul, and Sajjad or aka Sajjad; Shajib, Shihab, Sams. On Thursday the announcement was published. It was stated in the announcement that the DMP is investigating the murders of blogger, writer and publisher with most importance.

Consequently, the police have conducted a mission on last 19th February in Satarkul, Badda and in Mohammadpur in a base of Ansarullah Bangla Team (ABT).

The bases were being used as the armed training center for the ABT. In the mission conducted 2 members were arrested. A policeman was also reported being injured heavily.

The police have also found 2 more bases on the basis of given information by the 2 captured terrors along with the informations found on the evidenced documents. Among those bases Dakkhinkhan was used as a base of Bomb training Center and laboratory. The information on the ‘’important’’ terrors was found in those raids as well as in the current cases. Dhaka Metropolitan Police expects the cooperation from the inhabitants the city.

One of the top terrors of the organisation Sariful is a resident of the Khulna district. He trains all the members in arms as well as in IT.

In the investigation it was clearly observed that Sakib aka Sariful was directly involved in all the murders of Avijit in TSC, Nidraly in Goran Tutul in Lalmatia Riad Morshed of Santa Mariam University. He was also involved in the murders of Arefin Dipon, Washikur Babu in Tejgaon Blogger Najim in Sutrapur Xulhaz Mannan in Kolabagan and Tonoy. In the investigation of the murder of Avijit Roy, this guy was seen present in the video footage.

Another of the top terrors of the organisation Salim aka Mamun speaks in very charismatic voice. He is 5 feet 10, wears a glass and dark brown in skin color. He is a permanent resident of Uttar Baddaa. Detectives have found legitimate information of him being involved in the murders of Arefin Dipon, Washikur Babu, Niloy Neel. He is an alleged trainer in arms, IT and in so called Jihad. Any information on him will be rewarded by 5 lakh BDT by DMP.

Another of the Top terrors of the Ansaullah is Sifat aka Sami. A resident of Sylhet. He is one the many terrorist member of the organisation. In the investigation of the murder of Arefin Dipon in Aziz Super Market his name came out as a murderer. The Detectives have learned that he participated in many of the missions of Ansarullah. Police will reward the information by 2 lakh BDT.

Another member of Ansarullah is A. Samad aka Sujon is a resident of Kumilla. He is also a member of militia of the terror organisation. The evidences were found in the attempt to murder of publisher Rashid Tutul. He is one of the coordinator and trainer of the militia terror organisation. He preaches the people as to motivate them to join jihad activity.

One of the many top members of Ansarullah, Shiahb aka Shumon is a resident of Chittagong. He is one of many member militia branch. He is directly involved in the murder of the publisher Rashid tutul.

Sajjad aka Sajib is another top terror of the organisation, a resident of Dhaka the capital city of the country as know by the detectives.  His direct involvement was found in the murder case of Avijit roy, Niloy Neel, Student Morshed of Shanta Mariam university. Any information about whereabouts will be rewarded by 2 lakh BDT.

DMP’s contacts: 01713373194, 01713373198, 01713373206, 02-9362640. Email: dcdbsouth@police.gov.bd.com DMP ensures that informants identity will be kept confidential.