Sweden is renowned one that successfully contributes to the good of humanity. As a Swedish resident I am proud of this country, as it has been voted Best country during the annual WCA ceremony. The Swedish were also voted nicest people on the planet.

Nowadays Sweden is a peaceful democratic state that has long been a safe haven for those ‘image’ conflict. I was really surprised to know More than 300 people have gone to fight in Syria and Iraq from Sweden! They had been glad to be there. The news was in several Swedish TV programs last year- one of them I can remember, called “Uppdrag Granskning” showed that some Islamic organizations of Sweden supporting IS in secret!

I am still trying to figure out why it’s happening? What is the root of it. I asked many people including Swedish, Most of the Swedish had almost same answer ‘ because they are stupid! They are perverse’ that’s why they wanted to be terrorist. But none of them told me why they are stupid! Why they wanted to fight for the so-called Islamic State! Why they have been attracting for terrorism?

Last year I met an Afghanistan man in Sweden who came here one year before and waited for the permission to stay in Sweden. He seems like any other Muslim young man. But he was frustrated with his life. When he failed to find a job, he started feeling desperate and ignorant. He told me, only his religion believes in equality and rights for all people. This is not an Islamic state so he is ignorant here. From that conversation I discovered something very strange. This man had a secret wish for an Islamic state. So when someone is ignorant, a victim of racism these may one of a cause to be biased.

Another reason I found out when I talked with a young 24 years Swedish boy. Such a young age he has two children; they live with their mother. This man worked in a second hand shop, because of his alcoholic habit he got fired from his job. I met him at a coffee shop. He was talking about Swedish politics. So I felt interest to know what actually he thought, I asked him, where do you see yourself in five years from now? He answered me, ‘ I want to join a war against those who destroying my country! I asked why you want war? You could propose logical solutions to solve this problem. He said, no! war is the only solution. He thought without blood victory never comes ! I realized, actually this boy was bored with his life so he wanted to do something heroic!

I met an old age pensioner in a library. His grandfather came from Finland. He seemed to be very concern about Swedish economy and politics. I asked him why people from Sweden have gone to join with IS? At fast he told me, Swedish are not joining with IS, all of them are from immigrant backgrounds, also Muslims are joining with IS.

So I questioned him again, As you told me, your grandfather was a Finnish so you are also a Migrant. But you are Swedish, so the second and the third generation of migrant they are also Swedish. And another point is they all are not by born Muslim. Surprisingly truth is some of them was converted Muslim! Now tell me why they are joining IS? So what do you think of them? He seemed to be confused. Then he replied, ‘ perhaps they are religious fanatic! They are mad.

I was convinced to understand, this is not the problem of immigrant background or only the religion rules.

Few days before A BBC journalist Yalda Hakim interviewed a girl, who has recently returned from Raqqa in Syria, where her husband died fighting for the so-called Islamic State (IS). Yalda asked , Why did she decide to join IS, ?

That girl replied;“When you go this way you don’t think about the worldly life. Like I can have a good bed. You don’t care about these things. You just think about the fastest way I can die and go to heaven.”

From this statement it has been conformed, she was unhappy and she was convinced by this mythical concept of haven! She was too greedy to go haven by accepting death name of religion.

From all those information it’s really not easy to say why people from Sweden are joining IS but some of point are very clear. It’s possible to work on it. It’s still not too late to change the situation.

Something I have been noticing from last Eight month. The mass people of Sweden are not happily accepting Muslim refugees. They are afraid and Irritated about some of their behavior. Swedish are too polite so they don’t tell it publicly but they express it by their expressions. Secretly lots of Swedish are supporting Swedish democrats.

This is the time to not ignore this cruel fact, that general people are worried and all the humanist political parties of Sweden are failed to convince them to show the positivity of accepting Muslim refugees. Slowly-slowly they are losing their popularity. I think, only way to prevent the upcoming digested is, all humanist political parties should work together and they need more communication with the mass people. Find out solutions to asking them what they want, and why they want, need to show them positive side of accepting refugees. Without mass people’s concern it’s really not possible to prevent terrorism.

The whole world is in threat. Right-wing extremist parties are being popular. In India, BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party) is already in power. In French, national front party ( Marine Le Pen) , in Germany AFD(Alternative for Germany) , in England UKIP (UK Independence Party) are became more popular. The US election was the most recent example of right wing’s popularity. This election shows the world, darkness is not so far from us. So it’s really import to be aware.