In recent years Bangladesh turned into the hub of Islamic fundamentalism; seriously threatening its previous entity and established neighbor Pakistan, Maldives or Afghanistan in such business. The growth of fundamentalism in a country does not happen in overnight. It takes long process, political corruption, political dating with religion and try to be in power by hook or crook.  The world has seen the abolition of great Persian culture and tradition by Khomeni ruling. It looks far distant history to even imagine Iran had its own culture and festivals and identity. The same recipe is now in the oven for Bangladesh and the cooking of fundamentals dishes are going on with the contribution of its chefs; religious clerics to politician all look very satisfied on the progress of cooking. Whenever asked about the cooking procedure the state minister always denied the existence of such recipe and comes up with one after another bizarre and ridiculous comment to defend his denying. Meanwhile the minorities (atheists to homosexuals, Christians to Hindus) are used as chopped meats on the cuisine of extremism.

Let us ride back to history, Pakistan (Pak=holly or pure, Stan=Land) was born in 1947 and supposed to be the land of Muslims. There was minority Hindus, Christians, Zoroastrians and Buddhists and Pakistan had two wings. The eastern wing (present Bangladesh) Muslims had its contribution from separation from India. The major Hindu-Muslim riot happened in Kolkata and Noakhali, the riots were so bloody that Mahtma Gandhi had to starve in order to stop that and agreed to separate the country after his proposal of Jinnah becoming Indian Prime Minister was denied by Jinnah himself. So, the east Pakistani or east Bengalis have done their part of sacrificing and taking the blood from Hindus to get idea of Pakistan established. On the western wing of Pakistan Muslims and Nawabs from North India moved in to Pakistan and their language was Urdu. Urdu is a North Indian language and spoken by those who supported Muslim invasion in India, supported the attackers and first few who converted in to Muslims in Indian sub-continent. That is why Urdu speaking community always deemed themselves better or “purer” Muslims than their East Pakistani friends. Moreover there was always a fear of Bengali culture which has shades of different Hindu religious culture being the driving force of Pakistan. That is why Bangladeshis were never “pure enough Muslims” to rule the Pakistan. Pakistan government wanted to make changes to make Bengalis pure enough Muslims”. One of the schemes was to ban Rabindranath Tagore’s poem, story or songs, forcefully deny jobs of Hindus teachers at school, universities and replace or restructure whole education system and bring back Islamic religious values.  The military rule prolonged, there was never an attempt to make the country equal for all citizens. Pakistan is story of divide and rule and then, divides again. “Keep dividing it until the land become pure”, but in East Pakistan (present Bangladesh) there was enough secular force both in political hemisphere and also huge numbers of secular or Hindu teachers. To keep the land “pure” in 1971 Pakistani army starts killing people and on top of the list there were secular teachers, Hindu teachers and leaders. But the general people of Bangladesh under such brutal attack fought back and got their own country. The contribution of secular and Hindu teachers in Bangladesh creation was enormous.

As it is mentioned on first paragraph, current Bangladesh is the “happening place” of religious extremist, corrupt political leaders and majority “religious blind” population. So, it is now relatively easy to pick and choose such secular and Hindu force which played its part for the separation of Pakistan, the holy land of extremism. Some of the recent incidents (except atheist blogger killings, minority religious person killing, LGBT activist killing) from Bangladesh are laid below.

Year 2016

  • May 13, 2016; in Narayangonj; a school headmaster who is Hindu was beaten by mass public as an accusation from a student of “hurting the feeling of Islam”. The news was broadcasted by local Mosque’s microphone and people gathered to beat the Principal. Then the headmaster was forced to sit-up by holding his ear as a form of punishment given by local Minister of Parliament.
  • May 12, 2016; two insurance company employee was arrested on accusation of “hurting the religious sentiment” (Source-Daily Samakal)
  • May 4, 2016; a twenty year old girl named Maisha Tanushka Ima was arrested in Kushtia on accusation of saying inappropriate things about Allah and Quran in social media. (Source- Daily KalerKontho)
  • April 22, 2016; police arrested Jishu Chowdhury at Rangunia, Chittagong for alleged crime of “hurting the feeling of Islam”.
  • April 19, 2016; two Hindu school teacher of Bagerhat Hijla Secondary School Krishnapada Moholi (46), science teacher Ashok Kumar Ghoshal (55) were arrested at and awarded 6 month jail term for the accusation of “hurting the feeling of Islam”. (Source- Daily KalerKontho)
  • April 6, 2016; In Shariotpur Tapan Chandra (Hindu school teacher) was arrested on accusation of saying inappropriate things about Quran (Source- Daily KalerKontho)

Arrests made before 2016

  • April 29, 2014; 30 Hindu families house was demolished or burnt in Homna, although they have no hand on accusation of writing blog where Muhammad’s name were defamed.
  • September 11, 2011 Abdul Aziz in Alamdanga was arrested on accusation for questioning on wives and sub-wives of Muhammad and regard Engel holy book.
  • In 2013 Debo Brata Roy was arrested for suggesting attending English class by skipping prayers.
  • In 2014 June Indrajit Pandey was arrested for “hurting the feeling of Islam”.
  • In 2014, Prasenjit Chandra Shil, a Hindu school teacher was threaten to be beaten in Komolgonj . He had to flee for his life.
  • Sushanta Kumar Dhali, another Hindu teacher was arrested in Satkheera for sharing a joke in classroom which ““hurts the sentiment of Islam”.
  • In Moulovi Bajar Government College Abdur Rauf Khan was arrested for “hurting the feeling of Islam”.
  • In 2013 Bijoy Chandra and Partha Sarathi Das was arrested for liking the Muktomona facebook page.
  • In 2013 April, 4 bloggers were arrested for “hurting the feeling of Islam”.
  • February 2015, Michael Hasan was attacked by people and public demanded his execution, as he uploaded a video in youtube by the heading “Michael Hasan form Islam Christianity”.
  • In Sunamgonj Ajit Kumar Das was harassed for accusation of “hurting the feeling of Islam”.
  • In July 2014, Kritanto Das was arrested for facebook status from Hobigonj for “hurting the feeling of Islam”. The local people wanted to hijack him and beat him; police had a clash with local people to save him from local people.
  • March 30, 2014, in Chittagong Raihan Rahi and Ullas Das was attacked by Jaamat E Islami and later arrested by police for “hurting the feeling of Islam”.
  • In Tangail Nikhil Joarder was arrested (he was hacked to death in April, 2016).
  • A case was filed against In Munshigonj Sirajdikhan ideal college’s lecturer of English, Nirmol Kumar Roy. Same accusation was made against Comilla’s Laksham Pilot High School English teacher Krishna Chandra Sarker in 2012.

There is more 85 such incident all over the Bangladesh in last 5 years ( Most of the victims are teacher and belongs to Hindu community. The objective is clear and straight. The Hindus will be first eradicated from the education system of Bangladesh. The unification with Pakistan may not be possible by means of federal joining, but Pakistan (“Pure” land) is a mental state. Executing what once Pakistani rulers could not do is the major aim of all such accusations or punishments or mass public beating or arrests. Bangladesh has gone back to its root and competing highly against its twin state Pakistan. The politics now revolve around who is more “pious and pure” from Islamic view. The politicians are the mirror of the general abundance of people. Most of the population of Bangladesh is Sunni Muslim and very sensitive in the name of their faith. By playing the “faith” card politicians counts on vote and hide their corruption and can apply their power.

From 2002 to 2012 in ten years 10, 00,000 Hindu went missing or left the country. The recent killings of Father of Church, Buddhists Monk, Hindu Priests, Shia Imam’s and so on are never reported in international media with numbers as much as Syrian refugee’s are getting cover. In last few years the migration of Hindu community from Bangladesh has accelerated. Bangladesh is heading towards the “pure monopoly brand of Islam” or in other words Wahabism which stress on getting “literal meaning from text of scripture”. Such monoculture is behind the war on Syria and Iraq, same happening in Yemen. The same monoculture of faith; which changed the Maldivian or Brunei culture. Bangladesh is sprinting towards that destiny with greater intent. The whole countries population got into mass delusion and eventually the monoculture will cultivate the blood of impure to crop it into pure one. The whole population will be pure and enjoy the bloodshed of fellow countrymen in similar way when Aztecs used to chop heads from the top to satisfy their god. The “mass hysteria” for purities is leading towards it and chefs of the state are adding their own spices to speed up the cooking.

Atiqur Rahman