7 spiritual leaders and 5 followers have been hacked to death in 30 months by suspected militants who want to establish Shariah Law in Bangladesh.

On Friday, 65 years old Pir (spiritual leader) Md Shadidullah was hacked to death at Tanor Upazila in Rajshahi. He was the disciple of Pir Imam Mahadi of Goalanda in Rajbari.

Around 10pm police recovered the body after being informed by locals. The victim was found dead with gashes on the right shoulder and a slit throat in a mango orchard, said Rajshahi police.

“It seems he was hacked first and then slaughtered’’ said Abdur Razzak, officer-in-charge of Tanor Police Station.

Son of the victim, Russel Ahmed, sued anonymous people in a case filed with Tanor Police Station. He said his father was a follower of “Torika Ponthi” (a particular spiritual path) and might have had enmity with followers of other path. He also had land related dispute with some people.

Shahidullah had followers in Chapainawabganj.

On April 23, a Rajshahi University professor was murdered in similar fashion in the district. Police claimed that there was no militant link to Shahidullah murder.

Since 2013, 12 spiritual leaders and followers have been brutally hacked to death, but police have not solved any cases. Without justice and lacking cordiality of police investigation, Bangladesh is becoming a Death Valley, not only for atheist also for different believers who do not support radical Islam.

-7 May, 2016: 65 years old Pir (Spiritual Leader) Md Shadidullah hacked to death at Tanor Upazila in Rajshahi.

-5 September 2015: At Ser-shah Bangla bazaar, Chittagong; extremist group slaughtered Nengta Fakir and his follower inside the Shrine.

-6 October 2015, a spiritual religious leader named Khijir Khan was killed by extremists in Dhaka.

-8 August 2015, Pir Taibur Rahman and his teenage son Namum Manir were killed at Khalishpur of Khulna.

-Famous TV anchor Maulana Nurul Islam Farooki had been killed at his own residence on 27 September 2014. His Followers said – Jamaat is responsible for the murder.

-21 December 2013, six people were killed by Islamic terrorist group. Pir Lutfur Rahman (60), his son Monir Hosen (30), His follower Saidur Rahman (30), Mujibur Rahman (32), Russel (30), Rahman’s house boy Monjurul Alam was killed.